Virtual Chief Information Officer

Technical Doctor offers vCIO services that help small to medium-sized businesses integrate the latest technologies into their infrastructure.

Leverage Emerging Technologies With Our VCIO Services

Making sure your technology infrastructure aligns with your long-term goals is vital for growing a business. Companies that fail to transition away from outdated tech equipment could end up chasing their competition. However, tracking emerging hardware and software applications requires expert knowledge of how they operate. Large enterprises have a Chief Information Officer who leads strategic planning initiatives and ensures an organization has the right digital transformation processes. But that’s a luxury many owners of small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford.

As a leading IT professional service provider, the Technical Doctor team offers virtual chief information officer solutions that verify the business goals and technological processes of a business are geared toward the future. Our team has over 20 years of IT experience and utilizes our knowledge to help clients integrate the latest trends into their infrastructure. Some of our responsibilities include:

  • Planning the long-term technology roadmap
  • Creating IT budgets
  • Meeting with clients to verify our services satisfy their business operations
  • Advising on best practices and emerging technologies
  • Building relationships with vendors to better anticipate evolving trends

VCIO Services for Chicago Businesses That Verify Compliance

Maintaining the managed services utilized by a growing organization is a major headache for business owners. Failing to perform regular network and systems management tasks could lead to employee inefficiency across a company. However, that’s not the most significant consequence, it can also lead to compliance issues. Many regulatory committees have strict standards for various cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and cloud services and not having the right processes could make an organization non-compliant.

As part of our vCIO services, Technical Doctor assesses operating systems and identifies compliance issues in an infrastructure. We also help businesses adhere to evolving regulations and assist in the preparation tasks for audits and reviews.

Future Proof Your Business With Our VCIO Services

Our vCIO services provide peace of mind knowing emerging technologies will align with your long-term business strategy. Contact Technical Doctor today to enhance your operations with our virtual chief information officers.

Maintain Operational Efficiency With Our IT Infrastructure Management

While making sure your business has the necessary environment to implement new processes is important, we also take pride in verifying your existing equipment meets your current needs. Our virtual chief information officer services include IT infrastructure management that maintains operational efficiency by managing your tech components.

  • Applying Security Patches

    Cyberattacks can happen at any moment, and having the latest cybersecurity patches protects your company’s sensitive data by preventing unauthorized access. Our team verifies your network and endpoint devices have the latest security tools.

  • Replacing Outdated Equipment

    Your company’s laptops, desktops, routers, and switches all have a shelf life, and replacing them before they break down prevents downtime. Our team monitors the age of devices and sets up your new equipment when it’s time to upgrade.