Disaster Recovery Services for Chicago Businesses

Technical Doctor is a leading IT disaster recovery consultant that helps businesses quickly resume operations after a data loss event.

Protect Your Business With Our Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters come in various forms, and you never know when one is going to strike. Server crashes and data loss from severe weather, malware attacks, or human error can significantly disrupt your operations and have a long-term impact on your company’s health. While you can’t predict when issues will develop, you can have a plan that enables your employees to maintain business continuity.

As a leading provider of managed IT services, Technical Doctor offers cloud disaster recovery services that help you resume operations quickly when a data loss event occurs. Our experts work with you to identify your organization’s critical systems, then create a strategy that assigns responsibilities and develops actionable plans.

What Happens if You Don’t Have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

Every business is vulnerable to the impacts of a disaster, but the companies that properly prepare for one are best suited to minimize the damage. Your data is your most important resource, and having clear instructions following an incident enables your staff to quickly resume operations. However, failing to develop a strategy can have significant consequences, including:

  • Permanent data loss: Losing access to essential data impacts customer relationships and decreases employee productivity.
  • Damaged reputation: Experiencing a data loss event without a strategy in place could affect your organization’s reputation.
  • Lost revenue: Every second counts for your business, and each hour of unplanned downtime from a disaster costs up to $8,600.
  • Closed business: More than half of small businesses close within six months of a cyberattack, and one in four companies never reopen after a natural disaster.

Advantages of Our IT Disaster Recovery Services

Few things are more damaging to a company’s viability than experiencing a data loss incident. This is especially true for business owners of small to medium-sized companies because they lack the staff and resources to manage a recovery plan. The Technical Doctor team has over 20 years of IT experience and understands the importance of preparing for the worst. We leverage our knowledge to create a strategy that identifies key components in your network infrastructure and develop an actionable plan to deliver stability during unstable times. Partnering with us as your IT disaster recovery consultant provides a variety of advantages.

Maintained Compliance

Many regulatory agencies have strict recovery standards you must meet to comply. The Technical Doctor team understands the nuances of multiple compliance mandates and builds disaster recovery solutions that adhere to required policies.

Increased Peace of Mind

We understand that business owners want to communicate with an expert when disaster strikes and not an automated call center. When our clients call, they’re connected to a Technical Doctor team member committed to quickly resuming their operations.

Minimize Downtime With Our Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters happen, but having a strategy in place reduces their impact. Contact Technical Doctor today to schedule your free consultation and start creating your IT disaster recovery plan.

IT Disaster Recovery Consultants With a Security-First Approach

Creating backups of your essential data and developing a recovery plan when an incident occurs is important to maintaining business operations. But having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is the best approach to protecting what matters most to your company. Technical Doctor is a security-first IT provider that utilizes innovative technology to secure your endpoint devices and safeguard your network infrastructure. Partnering with us means you’re receiving the highest levels of services with the most up-to-date techniques.