Data Center Decommissioning Services

Technical Doctor’s data center clean-out services replace outdated equipment and preserve your company’s essential files.

Minimize Disruptions With Our Data Center Consolidation Services

Your data center is your company’s brain. It’s a complex ecosystem that houses the information your staff needs to enhance operations and features servers, wires, switches, power supplies, and more. Over time these components become old and inefficient and need to be replaced to maintain productivity. Installing new equipment is a challenging process and involves more steps than simply unplugging the old technology and plugging in the new one. It requires careful consideration to verify your organization’s data remains accessible during and after decommissioning. A sloppy consolidation plan could impact your employee’s ability to accomplish tasks and cause you to permanently lose essential files.

As a leading managed service provider, Technical Doctor offers data center decommissioning services to dismantle and consolidate your equipment without impacting your company’s daily operations. Our experts are involved throughout the process to make sure your data is secure, and your new components integrate seamlessly into your environment.

Advantages of Our Data Center Clean-Out Services

Enhanced Security

Using outdated hard drives and servers to house your essential data increases your exposure to a cyberattack. Technical Doctor has over 20 years of IT experience and takes pride in carefully wiping out devices, which verifies that the personal information of your employees and clients is removed and inaccessible to outside sources.

Reduced Costs

Cleaning out your data center of old equipment allows you to reduce energy costs and save money on maintenance costs. Also, servers and other components are bulky and take up valuable room; removing them from your facility enables you to increase usable space for your employees.

Upgrade Your Company’s Technology With Our Data Center Decommissioning Services

Upgrading your equipment allows you to reduce costs without sacrificing security. Contact Technical Doctor today to schedule your free consultation and start planning your data center consolidation strategy.

Our End-to-End Data Center Relocation Process

Moving your data center to a new location is exciting because it indicates significant growth for your organization. However, various essential details must be considered to verify your project is completed on time. As a leading provider of professional services for small to medium-sized businesses, Technical Doctor utilizes a comprehensive data center relocation method that delivers white glove solutions using the following steps:

Step One


Our data center relocation process begins with a careful assessment of your existing and future location. We inventory the equipment we’re moving and then perform a full inspection to verify your new area is large enough and has the power capacity to meet your needs.

Step Two

Equipment Relocation

After our full assessment, we relocate your equipment to its new location. The Technical Doctor team can accomplish this task during or after working hours to minimize disruptions and aim to complete this task in as little as one business day.

Step Three


Once we set up your new data center equipment, we carefully inspect the new area to ensure everything is working properly. Our white glove solutions mean the components have the necessary settings to maintain business continuity.