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Learn about the team that provides industry-leading IT solutions for Chicago businesses.

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Technical Doctor is not your ordinary managed service provider. We believe businesses across the Chicagoland area deserve comprehensive IT solutions from a company capable of overcoming existing and future technology challenges. Our team caters solutions to streamline network operations, protect data, and make sure strict compliance standards are met. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing an expert staff member is available to help at any time.

Meet Our Founder

Keith Knohl

Keith is a technology executive experienced in aligning IT services and technologies with business needs for companies ranging from startups to subsidiaries of Fortune 500 businesses. For nearly two decades, he has worked with a broad range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, finance, and telecom but has a special place in his heart for the pace, challenges, security, regulations and patient focus of healthcare. He leverages his experience to provide the highest levels of service for our clients that meets their current and future needs.