Managed Backup Service Provider

Technical Doctor’s backup monitoring services help you maintain business continuity following a data loss event.

Maintain Business Continuity With Our Backup Monitoring Services

Whether it stems from a cyberattack, natural disaster, or human error, a data loss event can significantly impact a company’s daily operations. Lost information has a reputational and financial impact and could create compliance issues for a business. While predicting when they occur is impossible, an organization can minimize its impact by adequately preparing for them.

As a leading provider of managed IT services, Technical Doctor offers managed backup services that enable companies to maintain business continuity by creating exact copies of their data centers. Our team works with clients to assess how their data is stored, then create a cloud-based protection plan that allows them to quickly resume operations. We also regularly monitor their backup solution to verify it’s operating properly and meeting their needs.

Why Work With Us as Your Managed Backup Service Provider?

Accidents and disasters happen, and having the right strategy in place is essential for minimizing the impact they have on your business. Partnering with a reputable IT provider provides peace of mind knowing you’re receiving backup solutions that meet your needs. Technical Doctor works with you to understand your network infrastructure and creates a data backup strategy that utilizes the following techniques.

Immutable Cloud Backup

Having a secure backup is essential for preserving business continuity after disaster strikes. This helps companies adhere to strict compliance regulations and provides a safe, accessible storage location.

3-2-1 Backup

A comprehensive data back strategy requires having multiple copies in various locations. The Technical Doctor team utilizes a 3-2-1 backup strategy that creates three copies of your network data, saves them in two locations, and keeps one offsite. This provides end-to-end protection and verifies your business has access after a major event.

Protect Your Business With Our Backup Monitoring Services

You can’t control when disasters happen, but you can prepare for them. Contact Technical Doctor today to schedule your free consultation and start backing up your company’s vital data.

Enhance Your Backup Monitoring With Our Disaster Recovery Services

A malware attack or natural disaster can happen at any time, and not having a continuity plan can significantly impact how quickly you resume operations. Technical Doctor understands the importance of planning for the worst and works with your team to develop a disaster recovery plan that minimizes downtime by assigning roles and responsibilities to your employees. We leverage our knowledge and experience to create a strategy that best suits your organization and protects vital operations.