Our Virtual Desktop Services

Technical Doctor offers virtual desktop services that allow our clients to enhance agility.

Create a Secure Remote Work Environment With Our Azure Virtual Desktop Services

Companies everywhere are undergoing a digital transformation. Employees are moving their operations from the office to remote locations, and businesses must provide the necessary tools to access files, applications, and data anywhere. This task is challenging for small to medium-sized organizations that lack the resources to overhaul network environments from on-site equipment to cloud-based virtual machines.

As a leading managed service provider, Technical Doctor offers virtual desktop services that leverage the power of Azure’s cloud environment and allow employees to access their work desktop from any location with internet access. Our experts have over two decades of IT experience and are certified Microsoft partners, which allows us to provide our clients with the right virtual desktop infrastructure for their needs.

How Do Azure Windows Virtual Desktops Work?

For years companies utilized desktop computers to store the information and applications used by their employees. While reliable, these legacy operating systems have significant restrictions and force staff members to remain at their desks to accomplish their tasks. Our virtual desktop services make their profiles, files, applications, data, and settings accessible from virtually anywhere through a browser or other device.

Advantages of Our Virtual Desktop Services

Migrating your company’s operations to a virtual environment is a major decision, and partnering with the right provider enables you to maximize its potential. Technical Doctor has over 20 years of IT experience and utilizes our knowledge to deploy and manage your virtualized environment. Our virtual desktop services offer mulitple advantages for your business.

Reduced Costs

Operating with legacy desktop and application components reduces your company’s flexibility and increases costs because they require regular maintenance and upgrades. A virtual desktop system is accessible on any device and eliminates costly updates.

Increased Scalability

With traditional desktops, your business has to purchase new equipment when it’s time to increase operations. Azure Windows virtual desktops are scalable and can increase or decrease in size depending on your company’s needs.

Modernize Your Business With Our Virtual Desktop Services

Technical Doctor can leverage over two decades of IT experience to build and maintain an Azure Window virtual desktop environment for your business. Contact us today and start modernizing your organization.

A Virtual Desktop Provider With a Security First Mindset

Utilizing remote access points allows your employees to operate virtually anywhere and increase your company’s operations. However, integrating new devices into your IT environment introduces more entry points for cyber-attackers. Azure’s virtual desktop services have built-in security features, but they aren’t foolproof. Having a comprehensive protection plan is essential for safeguarding data and maintaining compliance.

Technical Doctor is a security-first provider of IT solutions and offers a multi-layer approach that maximizes security for your infrastructure. We utilize innovative software to secure your organization’s endpoints and leverage next-generation artificial intelligence to monitor your network. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing the personal data of your staff and clients are out of harm’s way.