Azure Hosting Services

Leverage the power of Microsoft’s infrastructure with our Azure cloud hosting services.

Modernize Your Business With Our Azure Cloud Hosting Services

Integrating cloud computing into your business model has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. With today’s workforce expecting full-time or hybrid remote work options, you need to have the necessary tools that enable them to access essential files from anywhere virtually. Migrating your data center from on-prem servers to a cloud-based environment allows you to reduce your dependence on outdated computing machines and and changes the high dollar and operating costs of servers, warranties, maintenance, power, and hardware failures to an ongoing budget-able operating expense with near 100% uptime.

As a leading provider of IT solutions for the Chicagoland area, Technical Doctor offers Azure cloud web hosting services that relocate essential data from bulky physical servers to virtual machines that are accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Our team has over 20 years of experience and leverages our knowledge to build and maintain a Microsoft-backed platform that best suits your needs.

Advantages of Our Azure Hosting Services

With various providers offering their cloud services, it can be challenging to know which one is right for your business. Azure leverages the full power of Microsoft’s infrastructure and allows businesses to easily build and deploy applications. It also seamlessly integrates Microsoft’s full suite of software, enabling staff members to easily collaborate and enhance productivity. Other advantages of hosting on Azure include the following.

Increased Disaster Recovery

Cyberattacks and natural disasters can occur at any moment, and having a well-designed data backup and disaster recovery strategy allows businesses to get back up and running quickly. Our team works with clients to understand their operations and develops a plan that clearly defines roles and minimizes downtime.

Enhanced Compliance

One of the biggest advantages of Azure hosting is that it’s one of the most secure cloud platforms on the market today. Technical Doctor works with companies operating in industries with strict compliance regulations and leverages its offerings to meet the certifications and validations of auditing firms.

Enhance Flexibility by Hosting on Azure

Migrating allows your business to increase flexibility and reduce reliance on outdated on-site storage servers. Contact the Technical Doctor team today for a free consultation and start developing your Azure hosting platform.

We’re an Azure Hosting Provider With a Security-First Mindset

Relocating your data to a cloud-based environment allows your business to meet the needs of the modern workforce. However, while it enhances flexibility and reduces your reliance on on-premise servers, it also increases the number of endpoints for your business. Technical Doctor is a security-first provider of IT solutions, and leverages a multi-layered strategy that maximizes protection. Our cybersecurity solutions safeguard your network by preventing unauthorized access through the devices connected to your infrastructure. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing your essential data is safe from data breaches and hackers.