Comprehensive Business Continuity Services

Technical Doctor’s data backup and disaster recovery services allow your business to minimize downtime after a data-loss event.

Maintain Your Operations With IT Service Management Transformation Solutions

Disaster comes in multiple forms and can happen at any time. If you don’t have the right recovery strategy in place, you risk losing data when incidents occur. Your business operations depend on having the right processes in place, and that includes implementing a crisis management plan that assigns responsibilities and protects what matters most.

As a leading provider of managed IT services for Chicago, Technical Doctor offers business continuity services that allow processes to continue following a data-loss event.

Our Business Continuity Services

Our team has over 20 years of experience and leverages our knowledge to protect your business with the following services:

  • Disaster Recovery

    Technical Doctor offers disaster recovery services that create an actionable plan when your business suffers data loss from cyberattacks, human error, or severe weather. We work with your team to identify responsibilities and develop a strategy that reduces downtime.

  • Managed Backup

    Having multiple data backups provides peace of mind that your most important asset is recoverable. Technical Doctor utilizes the 3-2-1 backup strategy to provide peace of mind that your business can resume operations after the unthinkable happens.

Protect Your Businesses With Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Our business continuity services allow your business to resume operations quickly after disaster strikes. Contact Technical Doctor today to schedule your free consultation and start developing your plan.

Providing Managed IT Services for Chicago Business With a Security-First Approach

Technical Doctor believes the best data backup and disaster recovery plan is one you never have to use. We’re a leading managed service provider that utilizes a security-first approach. Our experts offer a multi-layered cybersecurity program that safeguards all elements of your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Baseline protection: We regularly monitor your network environment to detect potential threats to your security.
  • Firewall security: Our team utilizes the latest firewall software to create a secure layer around your IT infrastructure.
  • Endpoint protection: Technical Doctor uses next-gen artificial intelligence to safeguard endpoint devices and prevent unauthorized access.
  • End-user security: Your employees are your network’s first line of defense; our team performs a risk assessment to verify they’re practicing safe habits.