Our Email Migration Services

Technical Doctor offers mailbox migration services that seamlessly transition your email environment to a new platform.

Streamline Your Email Environment With Our Mailbox Migration Services

Your business needs an email environment that enables employees to communicate and multitask effectively. Many outdated platforms lack innovative features and force workers to navigate multiple applications to accomplish simple tasks. Migrating your mail server to another infrastructure allows you to move your email service to a new provider. However, this complex task must be done carefully to verify your organization’s data isn’t lost during the process. Partnering with a reputable managed service company is the most effective way to seamlessly transfer your email data without impacting your staff’s daily operations.

As a leading provider of cloud-based services, Technical Doctor offers email migration services that move your organization’s email accounts to your preferred platform. Our team has over two decades of IT experience and leverages our knowledge to build a plan that best suits your needs and eliminates disruptions, managing the process in the background.

Our Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration Process

While the Technical Doctor can migrate your company’s email to the platform of your choice, our team recommends moving to an Office 365 Exchange environment. Backed by Microsoft’s powerful cloud-based infrastructure, Office 365 integrates easily into your business and connects Microsoft’s full suite of software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Our migration specialists understand the importance of a seamless transition and utilize a streamlined processes that builds your new exchange mailbox in the following steps:


Our team meets with you to discuss the details and goals of the project. We carefully examine your network environment to understand your company’s data and obtain admin access to your next email server.

Create Plan

We work with you to select the right Office 365 Exchange plan for your organization. Our staff updates the DNS point to O365, sets a self-service password reset, and implements security features that has your staff change their password the next time they login.

Migrate Your Email

After finalizing your plan, we begin migrating your company’s email to its new environment. This includes setting up mobile phones and creating multi-factor authentication. Everything we do is done in the background to minimize interruptions to your daily operations.

Prevent Data Loss With Our Email Migration Services

Our email migration specialists develop a plan that minimizes downtime and safeguards your data. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start creating your strategy.

Maintain Compliance With Our Email Migration Specialists

Digitally transforming your email environment by migrating to a new platform is an important decision, and the process must be done carefully, especially for compliance purposes. Technical Doctor takes pride in helping our clients meet strict regulatory standards and manages every compliance-related aspect of your transition, including:

  • Tagging data for classification and categorization
  • Verifying data is stored properly
  • Making sure your company’s data is protected from unauthorized access

Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing your business is protected from the legal, financial, and reputational consequences of being non-compliant.