Unified Communications for Chicago Businesses

Technical Doctor offers enterprise communication solutions that enable our clients to enhance collaboration.

Enhance Collaboration With Our Enterprise Communication

The business world now exists in a digital age where employees are no longer chained to desks and landline telephones. This new flexibility means companies must integrate new tools that enable staff members to communicate from anywhere. Old-school methods are outdated and rely on workers being tethered to their physical locations during the day. Also, it makes collaboration challenging because traditional techniques have limited sharing capabilities.

Technical Doctor takes pride in helping our clients modernize their businesses and offers IT-unified communication solutions that deliver a cloud-based platform that enables teams to collaborate effectively. We leverage our extensive partnerships with leading vendors to build an infrastructure that includes:

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice and video calling
  • Meetings
  • Team collaboration
  • File sharing
  • And more!

Advantages of Our IT Unified Communications Services

Appealing to the modern workforce means empowering employees with the tools that enable them to maximize their professional flexibility. Our Unified Communications as-a-Service (UCaaS) solutions create a consolidated platform that lets coworkers easily interact between departments. With our UCaaS solutions, businesses receive a wide variety of benefits.

Enhanced Scalability

Traditional platforms have expensive hardware equipment and require business owners to purchase additional components to suit their growing business. Unified communication platforms have a streamlined deployment process and are scalable, so they grow with your company’s needs.

Increased Productivity

Integrating a cloud-based internal communications infrastructure allows your employees to increase workflows and eliminate bottlenecks in their daily operations. UCaaS lets them quickly share files with coworkers and start video conferences with a single click, saving time on their tasks.

Streamline Communication With Our IT Unified Communications

Technical Doctor has established partnerships with leading vendors, allowing us to find the best platform for your company. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start future-proofing your organization.

Offering UCaaS for Chicago Businesses With a Security-First Approach

Migrating your business communication infrastructure to a cloud-based environment allows you to modernize your organization and meet the needs of the remote workforce. However, it also introduces more endpoint devices to your network and increases your exposure to cyberattacks. As a leading managed service provider for Chicago, Technical Doctor offers IT unified communications with a security-first approach. We work with your team to develop a multi-layered cybersecurity solution that secures the following:

  • Baseline protection: Our baseline protection services include regularly monitoring your system’s perimeter and analyzing hacking patterns.
  • Firewall security: Technical Doctor utilizes innovative firewall software that forms a protective shield and blocks unwanted traffic.
  • Endpoint protection: We work with you to verify all devices connected to your network are secure.
  • End-user security: Our team assesses your facility to make sure employees are operating safely and protecting sensitive data.