IT Support for Healthcare

Technical Doctor provides healthcare IT support that safeguards sensitive patient data.

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Comprehensive Healthcare IT Support

Healthcare facilities are responsible for handling and securing incredibly sensitive information. These elements make this industry a frequent target for hackers. Failing to implement and maintain a proper cybersecurity platform puts the future of your business at risk because experiencing a data breach can have a catastrophic impact on patient trust and compliance.

Partnering with a reputable managed IT service provider is the best approach to having a well-designed and protected network environment. Technical Doctor understand the importance of leveraging the latest technology and works with companies in the healthcare sector to build a custom infrastructure that meets their needs.

Get Healthcare IT Support That Meets Your Needs

Technical Doctor understands each company has unique specifications. That’s why our team works closely with clients to create a customized plan that meets their needs. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start creating your IT managed service strategy.

Protect Patient Information With Our Data Breach Support Services

Few things are more impactful on a healthcare company’s operations than a data breach. These events expose sensitive customer information to hackers, create downtime for employees, and cause patients to lose faith in your facility. Technical Doctor is a security-first provider managed service provider and utilizes the latest innovations to protect what matters most to your company. Our cybersecurity and data breach support solutions include:

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Your healthcare facility’s staff use laptops, tablets, and cell phones throughout the day to accomplish their daily tasks. These devices contain sensitive information that must be kept out of the wrong hands. Technical Doctor offers managed endpoint detection and response solutions that search for suspicious patterns and alert our staff when unusual behavior is recognized.

Vulnerability Patching

Your network environment is only as strong as its weakest points. Technical Doctor provides vulnerability and patch management solutions that identify exposed areas in your infrastructure and quickly repair them before a hacker can strike. Our proactive approach to management prevents data breaches from impacting your company.

IT Risk Assessment

Cyberattacks will look to exploit any weakness in your network environment. Technical Doctor offers IT risk assessment solutions that update patches, make sure your staff uses strong passwords and verifies confidential information is hidden from plain sight.

Vulnerability Assessments/Monitoring

Vulnerabilities change as new holes are found. Monitoring your systems for new vulnerabilities in real-time and monitoring your network for intruders provides faster identification and remediation for threats.

Meet Strict Regulations With Our HIPAA Compliance Software Solutions

Healthcare facilities must adhere to HIPAA compliance standards to maintain operations. Technical Doctor has over 20 years of experience helping clients navigate the challenges of these regulations. Our team assesses your virtual and on-site environment to make sure sensitive information is protected and that you have the right data backup measures to prevent loss if an event occurs. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing you have an expert team on your side to safeguard what matters most to your business.

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